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Rock climbing is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling sports for both adults and kids. It provides an incredible physical challenge that allows the body to work out muscles that you didn't even know you had, as well as a mental complexity that can be incredibly satisfying.

In this blog post, we will explore the physical and mental benefits of rock climbing and how it can be a fantastic sport for everyone looking to stay fit and healthy.

The Physical Benefits of Rock Climbing

The physical benefits of rock climbing are numerous. It strengthens the core, arms, and legs while challenging coordination, balance, and agility. Climbing on different routes can improve spatial awareness as well as fine motor skills due to the intricate handholds that require precision when moving from one hold to another. Climbing regularly can increase stamina and endurance, and working on different routes can be a fun and engaging way to maintain physical fitness.

The mental benefits of climbing are also significant. Climbing involves strategy and problem-solving skills, as one has to plan out their sequence of movements when navigating a difficult boulder problem or long trad climb.

The focus and concentration required in climbing can be an excellent way to relax and reduce stress. Moreover, the natural environment that rock climbing provides, coupled with the physical effort required, makes for an excellent way to reconnect with nature, helping to reduce anxiety and depression.

Rock climbing is a sport that encourages confidence and resilience. Despite the initial fear and hesitation, learning how to fall safely and keep trying after every failed attempt leads to increased confidence and resilience. As climbers move from one challenge to the next, they develop a stronger sense of self, and the mental attributes developed through climbing translate into other aspects of life.

Rock Climbing for Kids Benefits

For kids, rock climbing is an excellent way to develop physical and mental skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Climbing allows kids to challenge themselves and develop confidence in their abilities, all while having fun with friends, family, or their peers. Rock climbing is also a rewarding way to spend time outdoors, building a connection with nature that can lead to a stronger appreciation for the environment.

Top 3 Best Rock Climbing Shoes on Amazon

  1. Rock Climbing Shoes La Sportiva Mens Tarantulace
  • Ideal for the climber looking for a single pair of shoes to do it all; a jack-of-all-trades climbing shoe comfortable enough for all-day outdoor climbing or a trip to the gym.
  • Breathable & Durable - The all-leather upper is breathable and durable yet stretches to conform to your foot shape. A padded internal tongue with cotton lining protects the sensitive top of your foot.
  • Secure & comfortable fit - A heel cup holds the heel in place for a secure and snug fit. Quick-pull lacing allows for precise fit along the length of the foot, wrapping the foot snugly for excellent support, fit, and comfort. Two heel pull-tabs and one togue tab assist in easy on/off.
  • Great Grip - An aggressive rubber heel rand and the sticky FriXion RS rubber is grippy yet hard-wearing, offering increased durability and providing a powerful edging platform climb after climb. An ultra-thin LaSpoflex midsole provides maximum torsional rigidity.
  • Fit Tip - Designed with rounded forefoot and higher volume to comfortably fit more climbers. Rock climbing shoes are designed to fit differently than other footwear; Be sure to reference the La Sportiva size chart in the product images for more accurate sizing; The fit should be tight, but not painful, and without pressure points.

2. Rock Climbing Shoes SCARPA Furia Air  for Sport Climbing and Bouldering

  • Cutting-Edge Construction - An eight-piece, perforated microfiber upper keeps the shoe ultralight and breathable, making it feel more like a second skin than a rock shoe.
  • Vibram XS Grip 2 Rubber -Ideal for any rock type and style, the XS Grip 2 rubber is both stiff and sticky, giving you the grip you need for steeper walls and overhanging boulders.
  • DTS Active Rand -The highly asymmetric design is amplified by the DTS system which transfers power directly to your big toe and helps the shoe retain its downturned shape.
  • Surround Rubber Tension - By wrapping a layer of soft M50 rubber around the forefoot, SCARPA added a touch of stiffness to the toe, providing an unparalleled stick for toe hooks and scums.
  • PAF System- Offsetting the soft midsole, this innovative heel cup spreads out the force created while heel hooking, offering the stick you want, without added pressure on your Achilles tendon.

3. Rock Climbing Shoes La Sportiva Womens Aragon

  • Super comfortable rock climbing shoe for women who are ready for a performance upgrade from their current entry-level shoes
  • Soft, unlined leather upper material controls moisture and provides all-day comfort and longevity. Padded and wicking cotton-lined tongue for comfort and breathability.
  • Slightly downturned, asymmetrical shape promotes more aggressive climbing while maintaining comfort. 1.1mm LaspoFlex, semi-stiff midsole for moderate support.
  • Super sticky proprietary FriXion RS Rubber Compound for great friction and durability. The 1/2 forefoot sole allows for easy resoling so you can keep using your new favorite shoe.
  • Dual hook and loop closure system for easy on/off comfort and a precise fit. 2 heel pull-tabs for easy on/off as well as hooking to a carabiner.

Top 3 Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Kids

  1. Kids Stickit Rock Climbing Shoes La Sportiva
  • The Stickit will help little feet grip holds without being too aggressively tight or technical; The straightforward design provides the comfort, convenience, and adaptability to spur kids to higher, more advanced routes at a faster pace
  • The Stickit is highly adjustable, looping around the top of the foot and the heel, and easy to lace up for kids of all ages
  • The unlined, rugged leather upper is breathable and keeps feet comfortable all day, whether indoors on the instruction wall, at the climbing gym, or outside bouldering
  • Lightly structured with less rigidity to offer a strong multi-purpose rock climbing shoe; FriXion rubber grips plastic and rock equally well for edging and versatility across all surfaces
  • Rock climbing shoes are designed to fit differently than other footwear; Be sure to reference the La Sportiva size chart in the product images for more accurate sizing; The fit should be tight, but not painful, and without pressure points

2. Rock Climbing Shoes Kids Five Ten Kirigami

  • Toke the fire in your young climber. The kids' Five Ten Kirigami Climbing Shoes set new climbers up for success. Kids experience the high-friction grip rush of sending a problem.
  • Comfortable gym climbing shoes
  • Hook-and-loop closure keeps them easy to manage for small hands. A sock liner adds comfort and can be removed to accommodate growing feet.

3. Rock Climbing Shoes Kid's Caspian 11 Black Diamond Momentum

  • It's hard for children to focus in climbing school when their feet feel as scrunched as a ballerina's. Black Diamond's Momentum Climbing Shoe balances comfort with performance so they can learn how to climb comfortably. Most climbing shoes opt for leather or synthetic leather uppers to keep durable throughout their rocky adventures.
  • Black Diamond, on the other hand, made this shoe's upper out of a unique knit that enhances breathability without hindering overall durability. This enhanced breathability also decreases the foul smells that standard leather climbing shoes excrete in your car, closet, or wherever you store their climbing shoes.
  • Since this isn't a leather or synthetic leather climbing shoe, the Momentum shouldn't stretch as much as usual climbing shoes, and if this is their first pair of climbing shoes, you might want to consider getting this pair in the same size as their street shoe size.
  • The NeoFriction rubber sole is also unique in that it's molded--as opposed to the usual cutting from one sheet of rubber--to the shoe in order to increase longevity and ensure traction on greasy, plastic footholds.


Rock climbing is a sport that offers both physical and mental benefits that are hard to match in any other sport. The physical challenge it presents develops muscle strength and sharpens coordination and balance, while the mental complexity involved helps sharpen problem-solving skills and build resilience.

Climbing is an excellent way to stay physically fit, engage with peers, and reconnect with nature. So, why not give rock climbing a try and see how it can benefit you or your children's physical and mental wellbeing.

Happy Rock Climbing!

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