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There are many different types of saltwater lures, and it can be difficult to know which one will be the best for your next trophy fish. This blog post will discover the different types of saltwater fishing lures available.

When choosing saltwater lures or bait, consider how fish feed. Fish detect a meal in three ways: scent, sound, and movement. Learn more in this section so you can make the best decision for your next fishing trip.

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Jigs are one of the most versatile lures for saltwater fishing. They can be used in a variety of ways and catch a variety of fish. Jigs can be made of metal, plastic, or a combination of both materials. The head of the jig is usually weighted, which helps the jig sink down to where the fish are swimming. Some jigs have a single hook, while others have multiple hooks. Jigs can be fished with a variety of methods, including casting, jigging, and bottom fishing.

Best Saltwater Fishing Jigs Lures

  1. Pre-Rigged Jig Head Soft Fishing Lures
  2. Bucktail Jigs Saltwater Hair
  3. Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures Sinking Metal Spoons Micro

2. Poppers

Poppers are another type of lure that can be used in saltwater fishing. Poppers are designed to float on the surface of the water and create a loud popping noise when they are retrieved. This noise attracts fish to the lure and encourages them to strike. Poppers are most often used to catch bass, but they can also be effective for catching other types of fish as well.

To work a popper, reel at a steady pace while jerking the rod tip to make the lure splash and chug. “Walking the Dog” is a special technique used with torpedo-shaped topwater plugs. Hold the rod with the tip pointing toward the water and retrieve the line while jerking the tip from left to right, making the fishing lure zigzag across the surface.

Best Saltwater Popper Lures

  1. Dr.Fish Topwater Popper Saltwater Fishing Lures
  2. SLEEPY FISH Fishing Popper Hard Popper with Hooks for Saltwater Offshore
  3. SMASHDIT Saltwater Popper Lure Topwater

3.Best Saltwater Plugs Fishing Lures

Plugs are another type of lure that is commonly used in saltwater fishing. Plugs are designed to mimic the appearance and swimming action of baitfish. They are often made from plastic or wood, and they have multiple hooks attached to them. Plugs can be fished using a variety of methods, including casting and trolling.

Since plugs get their action from their design, they don't usually require any extra action from you. Simply cast the plug out and retrieve at a steady pace. Offshore anglers troll big plugs with hard plastic heads and rubber skirts. These saltwater lures can be rigged with a natural bait or left bare.

  1. Fishing Practice Plugs 6 Mixed Sizes Orange Bait Casting
  2. Rigged Cedar Plugs Saltwater Fishing Lures
  3. Brad's Kokanee Cut Plug Saltwater Fishing Lures

4.Best Saltwater Spinners Fishing Lures

Spinners are another type of lure that is commonly used in saltwater fishing. Spinners consist of a spinning blade that is attached to a shaft. The spinning blade creates a flash and vibration that attracts fish to the lure. Spinners can be fished using a variety of methods, including casting and trolling. Cast out a spinnerbait and work it quickly to propel it across the surface or retrieve it slowly to drag the jig along the bottom.

  1. Goture Bass Fishing Lure Spinner Baits
  2. Fishing Buzzbait Multicolor Spinnerbait Fishing Lures
  3. Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait Saltwater Lures

5. Best Spoon Fishing Lures

Spoon fishing lures get their name from a shape resembling a spoon. They are usually made from metals such as brass or stainless steel and can be fitted with single hooks or treble hooks. Spoon fishing lures can be used for casting or trolling and are effective for catching various fish, including trout, salmon, and bass.

  1. Sea Striker Surf Spoon Fishing Lure
  2. Berkley Johnson Silver Minnow Gold Spoon Fishing Lure
  3. Treble Feather Hooks Hard Metal Spoon Spinner Baits

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These are just some of the different types of saltwater lures that are available for you to use on your next fishing trip. Consider what kind of fish you want to catch and how they feed before making your decision on which lure to use. With so many options available, you're sure to find the perfect lure for your next trophy fish!


See You at SEA with Your Big Catch!

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