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Whether you’re looking to host competitive tournaments or just have some fun with friends and family, having a volleyball net in your backyard is a great way to enjoy the game.

But before you set up the net, there are several factors to consider when selecting the right one for your space. Let’s break down what you should look out for when making this decision.

Type of Net

The first factor to consider when selecting a volleyball net is whether you need an indoor or outdoor set. An indoor volleyball net will be sturdier and slightly heavier in construction while an outdoor set is usually made with lighter materials due to the potential elements it could face outdoors.

Both types should provide enough support for recreational play; however, if competitive play is intended, then a higher quality and more durable material should be considered for your investment.

Space Limitations

Another factor to consider before making a purchase decision is any space limitations that you may have in your backyard. Measurements such as width and height determine what size of a court can fit in the space available.

Make sure that whatever net you choose will fit properly in your chosen area without compromising on the quality of play or safety regulations. The standard size of the poles should be at least one inch wider than those outlined by Volleyball Canada's official rulebook (12x6m).

Set Up Options

Finally, take into account how easy or difficult it will be for you to set up the net yourself. Some nets come with poles and other accessories which make them easier and quicker for setup, while others require more manual effort and tools to install correctly. Consider which option would work best for you depending on how often you plan on setting up and taking down the net.

Whatever volleyball net you choose meets all safety requirements regardless of whether or not it will be used indoors or outdoors as this could vary depending on location/region regulations and codes/standards that must be met per sport/activity enforcement rules set out by governing bodies like Volleyball Canada or USA Volleyball respectively.

Generally speaking, look at features such as wind stability where dowels can help reduce movement even during heavy winds; adjustability regarding pole heights so that they can suit players of varying heights; netted pipes designed specifically with rigidity and strength criteria taken into account; UV protection capabilities if netted material is being used outside in direct sunlight for extended periods throughout spring & summer months etc.

We carefully compared prices from various retailers on Amazon depending on availability and cost efficiency options available versus desired quality standards stipulated above prior to buying.

Especially if budgeting could potentially become an issue where spending slightly more upfront initially now could mean saving money down-the-road later on repairs & replacements due to wear & tear associated with consistent use/maintenance over time etc.

Ultimately though - thoroughly research each option until deciding upon  one specific model best suited towards satisfying all requirements needed now delivered safely at good value eventually too!

Top 5 Best Volleyball Nets on  Amazon:

  1. G&S Volleyball and Badminton Set for Backyard and Outdoors
  • This go-to complete classic sport can be enjoyed by all ages. This set includes all that you need to enjoy both sports!
  • This bundle includes a 1.6" diameter poles that can be adjusted from 5.1ft to 8ft in height. The Volleyball Net measured 32' x 3’, could be pop up in most backyards.
  • For the beach, backyard, an outing of your next party. It's all about the details and this combo set has all you need for a day of fun, which could easily change the sport according to the players, such as 2 or 4 players for badminton or volleyball play, up to 12 players for volleyball sport.
  • Easy for camping, outdoor sport and travel/driveway. This combo set of volleyball and badminton could be instant set up, so as the fold up. And this set has 1 high-grade carry bag for portable function and convenient storage.

2. Baden Backyard Volleyball Set

  • Durability and stability are key when it comes to this volleyball net with poles; Baden volleyball sets for backyards have black powder-coated heavy-duty 1.5” steel poles & 10” stakes that ensure it will stay standing during play
  • This outdoor volleyball net system with poles fits into one single durable weather-resistant carry bag for easy storage and transportation
  • If you’re wondering about setting up this portable volleyball net, then this frustration-free design ensures an easy set up in just minutes with our easy-to-understand PDF guide in the description
  • Unlike other sports, you don’t need to go to a volleyball court to enjoy this sport, rather you can take this portable outdoor volleyball set to your backyard, family cookouts, summer camps, and social events.

3. CROSSNET 4-Way Volleyball Net

  • Original is the first ever fully adjustable, 4-way volleyball net and the perfect game for all occasions. An essential for parties, barbecues, and tailgating events, and the perfect gift for your outdoor host, CROSSNET is an active game of four square meets volleyball. Perfectly sized for four players per round, CROSSNET offers you and your crew safe, simple, and foolproof fun!
  • Built to last and perfect for your next outing, this high quality net is sure to be a staple of your summer fun! Whether you’re out at the beach, the park, or up at the lake, CROSSNET is the perfect catalyst for family fun and some friendly competition!
  • Featuring a unique, one of a kind design that is as intuitive as it is compact, setup and breakdown is a breeze! Enjoy action packed fun in minutes and fold everything back into CROSSNET’S perfectly sized backpack in equal time so you are ready to rage towards your next adventure!
  • Perfect gift! Little ones and adults alike will love CROSSNET! With everything included to modify your net’s height, combined with the game’s simple, easy-to-grasp rules and objectives, the whole family can get in on the fun.

4. Portable Volleyball Net Set Professional Volleyball Net Outdoor with Height Adjustable

  • Professional sleeve net with 1.7" top net tape and slip-on straps, the tape of the volleyball net set is made of durable 600D Oxford fabric and double stitched to stand-up to the most competitive play.
  • 1.2" diameter steel poles with the frosted surface, the volleyball net outdoor set designed in push pin locking system that easily adjusts to official men's, women's, and COED heights.
  • The beach volleyball set comes with everything you need for playing volleyball, a regulation-sized net, a soft PU ball, adjustable poles, plated steel ground stakes, a high-visibility yellow boundary, and an air pump. Playing volleyball can never be so easy.
  • With a carry bag, you can take the volleyball net system everywhere you want. Take it and play a volleyball game anywhere and anytime.
  • This volleyball net outdoor is perfect for beach, lawn, park, and backyard for any occasion. The complete volleyball net set has all you need for hours of fun with family and friends at your next party.

5. VSSAL Portable All-in-One Badminton Pickleball and Kids' Volleyball Net Set

  • Versatile badminton, pickleball and kids' volleyball net can be used in all three ways. The adjustable net lets you set the perfect height for whatever game you're playing. Make your home the place to be with your very own outdoor kids' volleyball net, badminton net for backyard, or driveway pickleball net.
  • With a durable carrying bag, big enough to store set nicely, no need to deflate the volleyball. The pole has an independent storage bag for better protection of other accessories in the bag. This portable kids' volleyball, pickleball and badminton set will surely make any family camping trip an ace! It's lightweight and folds down easily to fit in any sized vehicle.
  • Set up in minutes for hours of play! Say goodbye to tricky instructions and laborious construction. It's so easy, even the kids can pitch in! The net is equipped with hook and loop fastener to easily adjust the tension of the net to keep the top and bottom net remains taut and straight. No more droopy net.

Most FAQs about Volleyball:

When Was Volleyball Invented?

Volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan, a physical education instructor at the YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts. He called it “mintonette” and it was created as an indoor game to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

To differentiate it from the more popular game of badminton, he chose a net that was about half the height and he set up two teams consisting of nine players each.

The first volleyball nets were made with string tied between two poles about seven feet apart with a six foot high net running between them. The original volleyballs were stuffed with peach baskets lined with cloth but this eventually changed to an inflated rubber bladder covered in leather or canvas material.

After playing the game for several years, Morgan renamed his creation “volleyball” due to its similarity to tennis except balls are hit over the net instead of across the court surface like traditional tennis scoring rules dictate.

Since its invention over one hundred years ago, volleyball has become incredibly popular around the world and is played today on beaches, courts, backyards and even indoors with various versions forming popular Olympic events such as beach volleyball and wheelchair games being added in 1976and 1984 respectively.

It is also so widely played that there are now international governing bodies such as USA Volleyball (USAV) who organize tournaments throughout America annually at both amateur and professional levels making volleyball one of most beloved sports enjoyed year round!

What Size is the Volleyball Court?

According to the regulations of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), a regulation volleyball court should measure 18m x 9m, with a minimum playing area of 16m x 8m.

The court is composed of two main parts: the attack line and service line. The attack line marks the boundary between serve and attack zones. It measures 3 meters from each sideline, 6 meters in total.

The service line divides the court into left and right halves for serving and marking positions for referees, scorers, and other officials who are observing at centerline during play.

This line is marked 2 meters from either side of centerline, which itself has a length of 4 meters across the entire width of the court.

In short, a full size volleyball court has an area measuring 36 square meters (or 18 m x 9 m).

How to Install a Volleyball Net in my Backyard?

Installing a volleyball net in your backyard is a relatively simple process that can transform an outdoor space into a great place to play and practice volleyball.

First, you’ll need to determine the size of the court you will be playing on. Most beach or sand courts are 60 feet wide by 30 feet deep for two-on-two games and 70 feet wide by 30 feet deep for three-on-three games. Once you have determined the size of the court, it’s time to lay out the court lines with markers like string or paint sticks.

Next, you will need to select an appropriate height for your net based on who will be playing on it (i.e., children vs adults). The standard beach/sand net height is 7 foot 4 inches for men and 6 foot 8 inches for women—but if kids will be playing regularly, then rolling up a towel and taping it to the top of the net at 5' 3" is an excellent way to ensure they are able to participate in age-appropriate height levels.

Once all measurements have been determined, attaining your pole system is key—it should create ample support while also being durable against wind gusts given its usually exposed location outdoors; we suggest selecting heavy duty poles made from galvanized steel specifically designed for use outside as they will be better prepared against rusting than aluminum poles would be when exposed long term elements like rain and snow over time.

Many companies offering these types of systems provide instructional setup videos which detail step by step instructions from unboxing through installation completion; study them closely before purchasing! After setting up all four posts correctly (each set approx 10 ft apart) attach each end post's sleeve portion directly into cement after mixing according to package directions (this part takes appox 2 hours).

Once dry your posts should stand firm enough that resistant winds won't knock them down easily - this is why heavier materials like concrete mix come in handy!

Finally attach D rings onto each corner post so that you can tie/strap down both ends of your net front pull section properly once everything has been assembled together per manufacturers instructions - most often clicking each sleeve together using only strong hands!


How Long is a Volleyball Backyard Net?

The length of a backyard volleyball net will depend on the size of your court and the type of set you are using. Generally speaking, backyard nets should measure between 20-30 ft in length and between 1 - 3ft in width. If you want a more official court size, then according to USA Volleyball regulations, a regulation size 2'6" x 8' (7.9m x 2.4m) net should be used for men's or coed play or a regulation sized 2'3" x 7' (7m x 2.1 m) net should be used for women's play.

It is important to note that the height of the net will also vary depending on underlying rules being followed; however, it should generally be around 7 feet 4 inches in height at each end measured from where it is attached/secured to the ground underneath an optimal tension level throughout its entirety when properly installed and deemed playable by an official referee or similar qualified individual(s).

Are All Volleyball Nets the Same Size?

No, all volleyball nets are not the same size. The official net height for women's volleyball is 7 feet 4 and 1/8 inches (2.24 m) while the net height for men's volleyball is 7 feet 11 and 5/8 inches (2.43 m). Additionally, in beach volleyball, the nets can range from 7 feet 4 and 1/8 inches (2.24m) to 8 feet 0inches (2.44m), depending on what type of game is being played - recreational or high-level Olympic competition!

The actual size of each net may vary slightly according to International Volleyball Federation regulations regarding "suspension cords," which must be a minimum of 2 meters apart at any point along the top side band or top crossbar ribbon if used with an antenna system; otherwise it should extend no less than 6 cm beyond either outside edge of the post at any given point on its length, but again depending on what type of game is being played.

Some courts also use different sized nets during tournaments or when children are learning how to play as a safety precaution since larger sizes may cause harm due to inexperienced players misjudging distances between themselves and opponents reaching for shots around it.

In addition, most manufacturers offer custom made nets that can be cut down to individual requirements if necessary - making sure that all players have a fair playing experience regardless their age group or levels!


Selecting the right volleyball net doesn’t have to be overwhelming - with just a few considerations in mind before making your purchase decision, you can ensure that your backyard court provides hours of entertainment and fun.

By taking into account both type of net and size constraints as well as skill level requirements, you can ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience while playing on the court!

Have Fun Playing Volleyball!

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