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Are you getting ready to embark on a great outdoor adventure? Having the right skills and knowledge can make all the difference in your experience. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or exploring new terrain, there are certain skills that can help ensure your safety and success. From tent-making to fire-building and water purification, here are some simple tips that will help you get ready for your next outdoor adventure.

We Researched the Top 7 Most Important Survival Skills in the Outdoors:

#1. Shelter-Making

If you’re planning on camping outdoors, the first item on your list should be learning how to make a shelter. While tents are the most common form of shelter, it’s important to know how to build one using natural materials such as branches and leaves in case of an emergency. Knowing how to craft a sturdy shelter will provide you with much-needed protection from the elements and any potential predators. Easy-Build SURVIVAL SHELTER


#2. Compasses & Maps

Even if you’re just out for a day hike, having a compass and map handy is essential. A good quality compass will help you determine which direction you’re heading while maps can provide invaluable information about local terrain features like rivers, hills, and other landmarks. Being familiar with these tools will give you more confidence when exploring unknown areas.

How to Read a Compass for Beginners:

Cammenga 3H Cammenga G.I. Military Tritium Lensatic Compass

Top 3 Military Compasses:

#1. Cammenga 3H Cammenga G.I. Military Tritium Lensatic Compass
#2. AOFAR AF-4074 Military Compass
#3. Brunton TruArc10 Baseplate Compass

#3. Fire-Building

Fire is not only necessary for cooking meals but also provides warmth during chilly nights spent outdoors. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to start a fire in various settings and climates; even if it means gathering wood, creating tinder bundles, or using friction techniques such as bow drills or flint and steel strikers. Knowing how to light a fire quickly could be critical in an emergency situation where time matters most.

How to Build a Fire in the Woods for Beginners

Fire Starter Survival Tool - All-in-One Flint

Top 3 Firestarters for Your Campfire:

#1. Fire Starter Survival Tool - All-in-One Flint Waterproof Tinder Wick Rope and Steel Fire Striker
#2. Bushcraft Survival Ferro Rod Fire Starter Kit & Backpacking
#3. EZ FIRE FIRESTARTER for Fireplace, Campfire, or Grills

#4. Water Purification

One of the most important things when spending time outdoors is clean drinking water; without it, dehydration can set in fast!

Learning how to properly filter and purify water helps protect against waterborne illnesses like E Coli and Giardia Lambia which can leave hikers feeling weak and disoriented for days (or even weeks).

There are various methods used for purifying water from boiling it over an open flame to using ultraviolet rays or chemical treatments like iodine tablets—all of which should be part of your survival kit before heading out into the wild!

How to Purify Water in the Wilderness
What You Should Know:

Top 3 Water Purification Systems:

#1. Katadyn Vario Water Filter Backpacking
#2. Portable Backpacking Lightweight Camping Stove with 1 Liter Pot
#3. SteriPEN ULT-MP-EF SterPen Ultra UV Water Purifier

#5. Pottery

This is a skill whereby you use clay to make utensils for your daily use. You may wonder why go through all this when you can easily buy utensils. The answer would lie in the desire for you to have a memorable outdoor experience. The idea of you being primitive adds thrill to the experience hence promoting perfect outdoor adventure.

How to Make Clay Pottery in the Wilderness:

How to Make Clay Pottery in the Wild

Top 3 Camping Pottery:

#1. MSR Nonstick Ceramic Coated 2-Pot Camping Cook Set
#2. Odoland 16pcs Camping Cookware Set with Folding Camping Stove
#3. Camping Cooking Set - Backpack Camping Pot and Pans Set

#6. Fishing and Hunting

Fishing during an outdoor event can be adventurous especially if you possess the skill in fishing. Through fishing, food supply for you is guaranteed and therefore this skill becomes a necessity. Hunting in comparison to fishing is an important skill; despite the aim of food, it can help in securing yourself against dangerous animals by learning a trick or two about them.

How to Catch Fish Barehand:

Catching Fish Barehand

Top 3 Fish Traps:

#1. Frabill Torpedo Crawfish Trap Heavy-Duty Steel Mesh
#2. Drasry Fishing Trap Foldable  CrayfishCrawdad Shrimp Net Trap
#3. Drasry Cast Net Collapsible Fishing Traps

#7. Learning Basic First Aid Skills

Eventualities can always happen and when armed with skills in first aid like preventing excessive bleeding and lifting a wounded person, they can be beneficial.

Basic First Aid Procedures Everyone Should Know

Top 3 First Aid Kits:

#1. Emergencies Medical Kits Camping and Outdoor Emergencies
#2. Emergency Survival Kit and First Aid Kit
#3. Military Combat Tactical IFAK for First Aid Response Kit


With these skills under your belt, you’ll be ready for whatever nature throws at you during your next outdoor adventure! Make sure that you practice each skill before heading out having a few trial runs ahead of time will help prepare you for any surprises along the way.

Good Luck!

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