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As the warmer weather approaches, many of us are looking forward to planning our next road trip in the great outdoors. Whether you plan to take a long-distance journey through America or a quick weekend getaway, having the right RV equipment is essential for a stress-free trip. In this blog post, we’ll give you 8 tips and pieces of equipment that you should bring along on your next RV excursion.

Must Have RV Equipment and Accessories for a Stress-Free Travel>>>

#1. Surge Protector

A surge protector is an important piece of equipment that will protect your electrical devices from any power surges. This will help keep your electronics safe and make sure they don’t get damaged while you’re on the road. Additionally, some surge protectors come with built-in voltage meters that can be used to test if there is too much voltage coming into your RV.

RV Surge Protector 50 Amp with Waterproof Cover All-in-1 Smart Circuit Analyzer Power Guard Surge Protector for rv Camper Truck Trailer Accessories

  • All Weather Resistant Design this surge protector was designed with waterproof cover which protects the circuit from rain, wind, sandstorm. The detail cover is a nice design to reduce risk of short circuit or fire
  • Power Guard: Diagnostic LED, open ground, open neutral & reverse polarity detection, miswired pedestal indication, Surge failure indicator. Designed for outdoor use, weather resistant, all weather shield assembly.

#2. Electrical Extensions and Adapters

You may not always have access to electricity when you’re out camping in an RV, so it’s important to bring along electrical extensions adapters with you just in case. These extensions and adapters allow you to plug in multiple devices at once and make sure all of your electronics are charged up and ready to go!

GearIT 30-Amp RV Power Extension Adapter

  • Heavy Duty Extension Cord: This 3-prong 30 Amp RV cord is a practical extension that helps you connect two different plugs with just one cord. This125V and 3750Watts cable is specially designed for powering RVs and houses from generators.
  • NEMA L5-30R Twist Lock Connector. GearIT RV extension cable has two differentplugs. One of them is a security lock connector NEMA L5-30R. This receptaclelets you plug and twist your cable connector into an inlet box to energize yourhome or vehicle.
  • Ergonomic Plug Design. Additionally, male connector NEMA TT-30P of thewater proof extension cord has a comfortable handle that allows you to connect and disconnect the cable quickly and easily.

#3. Toilet Chemicals

Don’t forget about toilet chemicals! This is especially important if you plan on using a portable toilet or chemical toilet during your road trip. Toilet chemicals help keep the tank clean and reduce odors, so it’s best to have them on hand when needed.

Camco TST MAX RV Toilet Treatment Drop-INs

  • Essential for RV/Marine Holding Tanks: Eliminates odors and helps break down waste and tissue in your RV or marine waste holding tank
  • Ultra-Concentrated Formula: Just (1) Drop-IN treats up to a 40-gallon tank; Stops odors for up to 7 days
  • RV and Marine Approved: Does not contain pesticides, biocides or the toxic formaldehyde-releasing ingredient bronopol; Safe for all septic tanks
  • Great Smell: Fresh lavender scent; Quantity: (30) Drop-INs
  • Made in the USA: Product is proudly made in the USA

#4. Sewer Kit

A sewer kit includes all of the necessary tools for emptying out your black water tanks such as a sewer hose and elbow adapter, among other things. Having this kit handy will make it easier for you to empty out the tanks without making too much mess or hassle!

Camco Ready To Use Kit Complete with Sewer Wye and Elbow Fittings Hoses,and Storage Caps

  • The Deluxe RV sewer kit includes two 10' 18 mil super heavy-duty HTS vinyl sewer hoses with pre-attached swivel fittings
  • Wye fitting allows two sewer hoses with lug fittings to connect to the same dump station, all three ends swivel 360 degrees; Perfect for RVs with two separate holding tank valves
  • Included 4-in-1 adapter is compatible with 3" slip or 3", 3-1/2" and 4" NPT threaded sewer connection
  • Easily stores in 4-" square bumpers when 4-in-1 adapter is removed
  • Includes 2 bayonet and 2 lug end caps for storage

#5. RV-Friendly Toilet Paper

Regular toilet paper isn’t designed for use in RVs because it tends to clog up septic systems more easily than RV-friendly toilet paper does. Be sure to stock up on some before heading out on your next adventure!

Boat and RV Toilet Paper Septic Safe Tissue Toilet Quick Dissolving

  • BOAT, RV SUPPLIES & CAMP SEWER TANK SAFE: Take on your next travel, camping, hiking or fishing trip. Tissue toilet paper is safe for septic systems, portable toilet for camping , marine toilet paper for boats , camper toilet paper and backpacking.
  • DISSOLVES QUICKLY & WON'T CLOG: This septic safe toilet paper dissolves faster and better than standard tissue paper. Designed to quickly break down so its safe for use in a porta potty, bath, marine holding tank or portable waste tank for camper.
  • WHY BETTER BOAT: Made by a family owned American business committed to making premium quality boat and RV care and cleaning supplies. Who stand behind your satisfaction and all products including dissolvable toilet paper.

#6. Water Pressure Regulator

A water pressure regulator helps maintain a consistent water pressure within the pipes in your RV so that everything runs smoothly while you’re away from home. It also prevents any water damage due to high water pressure by regulating it at a safe level.

Renator RV Water Pressure Regulator

  • BEST QUALITY REGULATOR ON THE MARKET. Get the only regulator that is quality tested in the US using American standards, comes with a 1-year warranty and lifetime US-based support, and is made with superior quality brass and a more durable, liquid-filled gauge.
  • EASY TO INSTALL, EASY TO USE. Effortlessly adjust and monitor your water pressure, and enjoy strong showers and good water flow, while having the peace of mind knowing your RV is protected from high water pressure. Installation is as easy as attaching a water hose.
  • LEAD-FREE. This regulator was modified to contain lowest amount of lead of any regulator on the market. Each batch of regulators is tested to contain less than .13% lead, well under the NSF lead-free requirements of .25%.  The regulator's inlet screen also helps to filter out debris and other impurities.
  • READY TO USE AND UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE. The regulator is compatible with all US water sources, including 3/4" garden hose threads and NH threads, and is preset at 45 PSI. It is adjustable up to 160 PSI- we recommend referring to your RV’s manual for optimal settings.

#7. Drinking Water Hose

Make sure that you have a drinking water hose that is rated for potable (drinkable) water so that you can fill up your tanks with clean drinking water whenever necessary. This hose should be made from non-toxic materials such as food grade PVC or polyethylene tubing, which will ensure its safety for human consumption.

RV Premium Drinking Water Hose

  • The Ideal RV Water Hose: 50-foot hose with a 5/8-inch internal diameter
  • Drinking Water Safe: Made of NSF certified FWH hose. Certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 for drinking water
  • Material: Hose is made of PVC. Does not contain BPA, lead, or phthalates; Heavy-Duty Hose: 20% thicker than standard drinking water hoses; Quality Construction: Features machined fittings and strain relief ends for added durability
  • Compliant with all Federal and State Level No Lead Laws: CSA no lead content certified to NSF/ANSI 372 and compliant with all federal and state level no lead laws

#8. Leveling Blocks

Leveling blocks are essential for keeping your RV stable while parked at campsites or any other area where uneven terrain may be present. Not only do these blocks prevent rocking or swaying but they also help reduce wear and tear on components like tires and suspension systems due to uneven weight distribution throughout the vehicle.

Camco RV/ Camper Heavy-Duty Leveling Blocks

  • Provides Safe and Easy RV Leveling: Interlocking blocks stack to the desired height for customizable leveling.Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • Compatibility: Can be used with single wheels, double wheels, hydraulic jacks, tongue jacks, stabilizer jacks, fifth wheel jacks and tandem axles
  • Heavy-Duty: Made of durable resin; Dimensions: 8 ½-inches x 8 ½-inches x 1 ½-inch. As the blocks are nested together, each block adds 1-inch of additional height.
  • Simple to Carry and Store: Includes a zippered storage bag with handle

FAQs about RV Must Have Items for Stress-Free Travel

What Should You NOT Bring in an RV?

When packing your RV, there are some items that you should definitely leave behind as they can cause safety issues or damage to the vehicle. These include:

Gasoline and other flammable liquids - Anything containing a volatile gas has the potential of exploding or igniting if stored improperly, so it's best to avoid bringing these entirely. In addition, gasoline typically contains additives that can corrode or damage plumbing and storage tanks in an RV over time.

Outdoor BBQ grills - Not only do outdoor grills take up valuable space inside an RV, but they also produce small amounts of deadly carbon monoxide when used indoors which can pose a serious health risk for occupants inside an enclosed area like an RV cabin.

Open-air furnaces - RVs generally use propane heat sources for adequate heating in winter months and open-air furnaces contribute excessive moisture levels which can lead to mold growth in your living space and further risks for those traveling with respiratory ailments such as asthma sufferers who rely on clean air quality within the vehicle..

Overly large furniture pieces - Furniture should be chosen carefully to accommodate limited space without becoming bulky or blocking access through doorways or hallways necessary for emergency exit routes if needed during travel conditions (elevation changes, tight turns etc).

Oversized furniture makes it difficult to move around freely while making important adjustments while driving along with taking up too much room leaving less room left over for crucial items that may need additional storage capacity within the cabin itself such as bedding & clothing specific supplies etc..

Candles/Incense sticks – Though these objects bring joyous ambiance into any home setting their open flame presence increases fire hazards significantly by adding another combustible element into already narrow quarters leading to higher chances of catastrophic events throughout road trips both short & long distances alike due dangerous buildups of smoke & toxic gases produced from burning items left unattended stirring amongst dozens of other perishable belongings kept too close together inside tight living spaces commonly seen within campers and trailers themselves .

What Should I Pack for a Full Time RV Living?

Packing for a full-time RV living trip can seem daunting, but with a bit of planning and research, it doesn’t have to be. Here is an overview of the essentials you need to pack to make sure that your RV adventure is hassle-free:
Basic kitchen supplies like plates, cups, utensils, cutting boards etc.
Food Storage containers and coolers for keeping food items fresh on long trips.
A camping stove for cooking meals in the wild outdoors or in the comfort of your own vehicle if preferred!

Clothing - think practical when packing clothing as space may be limited so opt for pieces that do multiple jobs such as quick dry garments or jackets made out of lightweight materials which can cover both hot and cold temperatures effectively!

Remember also that you will likely be doing plenty of outdoor activities while living life off-grid so make sure to bring enough clothes appropriate for the weather conditions before heading out on the road long term!

Portable power sources such as solar panel units or generators are essential if you plan on spending time away from civilization where access to electricity may not be available or reliable throughout your journey these power packs provide much needed energy solutions allowing us peace at mind when going about day-to-day tasks away from homebase!

Water storage systems are another must; campervan/RV water tanks come in many shapes & sizes depending upon how much liquid is required by each individual-make sure these are emptied & cleaned regularly too! 

 Finally don't forget about entertainment devices TVs, PCs laptops tablets etc., all packed safely into Styrofoam cases helps keep them safe no matter what terrain is travelled through on your adventures abroad...!!

How Much it Will Cost Me a Month to Live in RV Park Year Round?

Living in an RV park year round can oftentimes be a much more affordable option to live than renting or buying a home. Depending on the size of your RV, location of the park and type of amenities that you desire, monthly costs can range from $500 - $2,000+ per month.

The cost of living in an RV park may include the following:

• Rent: This covers the lot space you'll occupy and is typically charged by the 3 options; daily rate, weekly rate or monthly rate.

• Electric/Water/Sewer: This is necessary if you want to hook up your RV to these utilities which are typically paid for separately each month as part of a utility fee.

• Other optional utilities such as Cable TV & Internet may also come at additional cost depending on availability and demand for their services at your specific location.

• Propane tank rental fees or fuel delivery costs for those who choose gas heating over electric heating will likely be include in addition to rent when living full-time in an RV Park.

• Additional amenities such as pool access, laundry facilities etc., may also incur separate fees as well so make sure do ask about any extra charges that might apply before making arrangements with them long term.

Overall, it’s important to consider all these factors when deciding how much it will cost you each month to live in an RV Park year round because they vary greatly depending on many different variables like location , size and preferred amenities offered by each individual place!

What is Typical RV Maintenance?

RV maintenance is a crucial part of RV ownership. It ensures that your vehicle is running properly, reliably, and safely so you can enjoy years of use and adventure.

Typical RV maintenance includes regular oil changes, tire pressure checks & rotations, brake inspections & adjustments, lubrication of moving parts such as door locks and hinges, filter replacements (fuel filter & air filters), fluid top-offs (power steering fluid and brake fluid), inspection of hoses for cracks or leaks, checking the trailer hitch operation before towing long distances, cleaning out the AC/DC battery compartments periodically to remove any dirt or debris buildup in terminals or connectors.

Additionally performing an electrical system check with a multimeter should be done annually including inspecting all lights inside and outside the RV are working properly. Lastly you should also inspect your propane systems every year for proper regulator pressure settings as well as looking out for signs of corrosion on tanks & connections.

By following these tips for routine maintenance you'll be assured that your RV will remain safe to use on your next family vacation!

Which RV Brands are the Most Reliable?

When it comes to purchasing an RV that is reliable and offers the best bang for your buck, there are several brands to consider. Generally speaking, Winnebago and Keystone rank among the top in terms of reliability.

Both of these brands have been producing high-quality products for many years with a reputation for delivering on their promises.

Winnebago has long been known as one of the most reliable RV manufacturers around thanks to its extensive warranty coverage and customer service.

Not only does Winnebago offer one of the longest warranties in the industry (five-year structural), but also warranties on components like air conditioning, furnaces, water heaters and slide-out mechanisms. Additionally, they use quality materials that are designed to withstand wear from extended periods on the road or camping out in harsh weather conditions.

Keystone takes pride in its strong construction commitment; their advanced manufacturing processes ensure each unit meets high standards regarding durability and longevity.

All aspects of their RVs are tested rigorously before leaving their factories: interiors endure moisture testing while exteriors undergo stress tests simulating highway winds up to 80 mph as well as UV exposure equivalent up to 10 years' worth of sun exposure!

What's more impressive is that they rely heavily upon automotive grade standards when building all segments across all units produced by them a true testament to their commitment towards creating reliable products with lasting value!

On top of this, Keystone offers an industry leading warranty – 2 year limited manufacture defect plus 5 year limited structural – ensuring your investment will maintain integrity over time regardless how often you use it or where you may take it!

Overall both Winnebago & Keystone stand above much else out there when it comes down selecting an RV Brand with regard for reliability, resilience & being cost effective options overall.

Ultimately, no matter which brand you pick make sure research thoroughly into any option before making purchase decisions whether investing your money into something worthy or not!


With these 8 essential pieces of equipment and tips in mind, you should be well prepared for any upcoming road trips this spring and summer season! Taking time before traveling to make sure all these items are packed can save lots of headaches down the line if something were to go wrong with one of them while away from home base! So don't forget these must-haves when planning your next outdoor adventure!

Happy Travels!


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